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Meter Hooding

Use of meter bags is a privilege extended to allow providers of commercial services to park vehicles necessary to the performance of the service, on an intermittent and temporary basis, near to the work site where off-street parking is not available or inadequate. Vehicles parked at meter bags are permitted only as required to perform a service. Meter bags shall not be used for general employee or convenience parking.

Meter Bagging Fees

The Meter bag fee is $20 per day and will be billed on the basis of five (5) day week (weekends and Holidays are excluded).The Department may bar you from future meter bag use for failure to pay fees when demanded. You also will not be issued Public Works permits while in arrears. The hours for meter bagging are 8 am - 4 pm (Monday - Friday)

Meter Bagging Guidelines

  1. The business, organization, or individual requesting the rental of one or more meter spaces must justify, in writing, the need to park a vehicle in front of or near a particular work site or function. Construction, deliveries or loading or unloading equipment are appropriate uses for meter hoods. They are not to be used for personal, convenient parking spaces.
  2. Each hood allows for rental of one or two metered spaces. Double head meters count as two spaces. Parking meter hoods are limited. Availability is first come, first served and will remain the property of the city.
  3. The rental of a parking meter hood(s) is temporary and may only be used at the location specified on the application. All hoods are rented for a period of no more than thirty (30) calendar days. Should the applicant require additional time, the agreement must be renewed on or before the date the original application expires. Failure to do this will result in removal of the meter hoods by Parking Operations.
  4. Each reserved meter is $20 per day, Monday through Friday, plus a $35 administration fee. This charge is based upon reserved parking, current parking meter rates and the time the meter space(s) would ordinarily be occupied for any given day. No half days are allowed. No removals or installations on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. 
  5. The Parking Division is not responsible for enforcement of the hooded meters. If you encounter problems with the hooded meters, contact Parking Enforcement at (405) 297-1180.
  6. Please submit a Meter Bagging Request Form either by mail, online or by stopping by the EMBARK Parking office in the Arts District Garage at 431 W Main, Ste B, Oklahoma City, OK  73102. For more information or questions, please call (405) 297-1331.

48 hours notice is required for all requests, including extensions.