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 We are proud to announce that On-Street Parking is now available with Flowbird!

Flowbird is an application you can download onto your smartphone or mobile device that enables you to pay your parking meter straight from your phone. Gone are the days of rushing from class to beat the parking meter-- now, if you need to stay late after class, you can conveniently feed your meter remotely from your phone.

Flowbird allows you to pay for parking in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select Location
  2. Choose Duration
  3. Confirm Payment

Advantages of Flowbird

  • Pay from anywhere!
  • It is Simple and Fast
  • Running Late? Pay as you go
  • Receive parking notifications before your time expires!
  • History of parking transactions stored for future use




What’s Flowbird?

Flowbird is a simple service that allows motorists to pay for parking using their mobile device or computer.

Can I use my Flowbird account from anywhere?

Yes, you can use your account to pay for parking with Flowbird from anywhere. Your Flowbird account can be used in all the locations that use the service. 

Can I register more than one car in my account?

Yes! When you register, you need to supply the license plate number of the vehicle that you are going to be parking. At a later stage, you can add/register other vehicles to your account via the My Account page, or when you perform your next parking transaction.

How long can I park in an on-street space?

All parking zones have a 2-hour maximum.

How do I add more time using the app?

If you paid via the Flowbird App, you can easily add additional time (up to the maximum 2 hours) via the app without returning to your car. If you are paying by coins or debit/credit card, you will need to return to a meter to purchase additional time. 

If I move my car to another spot within downtown Oklahoma City, do I need to pay for parking again?

No. Since the meters track payments by license plate number, you can move to a different parking spot before the time you paid for has expired.

Which garages can I park in within downtown Oklahoma City?

We operate 4 parking garages in downtown Oklahoma City. Arts District Garage Century Center Garage Sheridan/Walker Garage , and  Convention Center Garage .