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Questions & Answers

How much is the daily rate?

The daily rate is $2 for the first hour, $1 for each additional hour with a $10 maximum per day (24/hr period).

How much is the monthly rate?

The monthly rate is $80 - $110, depending on the space and the facility.

How much is reserved parking?

Reserved parking is an additional $35 per month.

Do you take credit cards?

We do not take credit cards. We accept cash, checks or money orders only.

How do I get a monthly parking pass?

Contact the facility you wish to park in.

Do you have any monthly parking spaces available?

Currently, we have spaces available at the Sheridan/Walker Parking Facility, Santa Fe Parking Facility and Arts District Parking Facility.

Where are the handicap spaces located in each parking facility?

All handicap spaces are located near the entrances/exits.

Where are your offices located?

The Cox Convention Center Parking Facility office is located in the Yellow section 30-32 of the facility. The Cox Convention Center Parking Facility is located just east of the Myriad Botanical Gardens between Reno & Sheridan. The Robinson/Ron Norick Blvd. entrance is primarily for transient and event parkers. The Cox Center office serves the Cox Center and the Century Center facilities. It is also the headquarters for all Oklahoma City operations.

The Santa Fe Parking Facility office is located directly across from the cashier booth at the EK Gaylord exit. The Santa Fe Parking Facility is located on EK Gaylord between Sheridan and Robert S. Kerr.

How far are you from the Amtrak Station?

The Cox Center Parking Facility is directly west of the Amtrak Station. Contact the office for parking arrangements at (405) 297-2543.

Where are the closest Downtown Discovery stops?

The Downtown Discovery travels west on Sheridan in front of the Century Center Parking Facility, north on Broadway, between Sheridan and Park, near the Santa Fe Parking Facility, and south on Robinson, between Sheridan and Reno, in front of the Cox Convention Center Parking Facility.