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Electronic Meters - Changing the Way You Pay

With the addition of more than 600 on-street parking spots resulting from downtown street renovations, EMBARK is phasing out the mechanical meters for a more advanced “pay station” in the downtown area. As many as 125 multi-space, solar-powered pay stations that accept U.S. coins or debit/credit cards have been installed.

Quick Facts

  • There is a 75¢ minimum for 30-minute parking in color-designated zones for either $1.50 maximum in one hour zones or $3 maximum in two hour zones.
  • Remaining time may be used at any downtown meter until the expiration printed on the receipt.
  • Blue caps indicate a 1-hour zone and Orange caps indicate a 2-hour zone.
  • Meters are strictly enforced  7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday (except public holidays).
  • Handicap parking is available in each zone. Parkers must observe the allowable max time for each zone.


How to use the new meters

  1. Use debit/credit card or coins to buy time.
  2. Print receipt
  3. Stick receipt inside driver’s side windshield.


How to use the new meters video


Electronic Parking Meter Instruction Panel


Resources: View the full release    Informational Flyer


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