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Downtown Traffic Advisory

Downtown Traffic Advisory

Below is a complete list of downtown traffic advisories. Click here to view a full traffic advisory map.

Streetcar Construction Advisory

  • Sheridan reduced between Robinson and Gaylord
  • Sheridan reduced between Hudson and Robinson
  • Hudson reduced between Kerr and Park
  • Hudson closed NIGHTLY between Kerr and McGee
  • Hudson and McGee Intersection Closed
  • NW 4 and Robinson intersection reduced
  • NW 4 and Robinson intersection reduced
  • NW 4 reduced from Hudson to Harvey
  • NW 10reduced from Walker to Hudson
  • NW 10 closed at Harvey
  • NW 10 reduced from Robinson to Harvey
  • NW 5 and Broadway intersection reduced
  • Broadway reduced from NW 6 and NW 8
  • Broadway reduced from NW 8 and NW 10
  • Broadway reduced from NW 10 and Park Place
  • NW 11 and Walker reduced


  • Main reduced between Broadway and Gaylord
  • Gaylord reduced from Sheridan to Reno

Private Construction

  • Lee reduced from California to Reno
  • NW 6 reduced from Harvey to Robinson
  • Fred Jones closed from Main to Sheridan


  • Robinson Reduced from Reno to SW 4
  • SW 2 closed from Harvey to Robinson
  • SW 3 closed from Walker to Robinson


Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2016